PHP 探针 500 internal server error

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  自己在虚拟机里面安装的cPanel ,上传PHP探针之后出现500错误。查看cPanel面板日志发现类似 SoftException in Application.cpp:256: File "/home/hosting/public_html/tz.php" is writeable by group 这样的错误,搜索之,找到了解决方法。


The 'SoftException' error is because your hosting service has suExec enabled. suExec is an additional layer of security which works by ensuring the PHP scripts are run under your username (where otherwise they would be executed under the default username of the web server, ie. nobody). This means that scripts such as PHP files can have tighter file permissions. Additionally, some suExec systems check the file permissions each time the the script is executed, and if the file permissions are too loose, then they will issue a 500 internal error.

chmod 644 ./tz.php



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